Everyone knows the myth of the Kouretes, who danced to drown out the cries of the newborn Zeus.

After the fall of Constantinople, spiritual movement moved to Crete. Until 1669, the island remained under Venetian occupation, a fact which also influenced its music. The musical tradition of Crete is characterised by great musical diversity. After the conquest of Crete by the Ottomans, many Cretans fled to the Ionian Islands where they transplanted their culture. With the development of discography and radio, Cretan music became popular and certain Cretan artists became well established by touring Greece and the world to popularise Cretan music. After the Asia Minor Catastrophe and the population exchanges between Greece and Turkey, the influence of Asia Minor became evident in the musical tradition of the island. Against this rich historical background, Cretan music continues to evolve even today.

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