The content of the Archive

The Audiovisual Archive is part of the Department of Philology of the University of Crete and was named in honour of Giorgos Amargianakis, a musicologist at the Department (1982-1990). It is related to his own research and the wider activities of the University.

It includes recordings from the outwards activities of the Department in the 1980s-1990s and musical events, University actions, student, cultural or trade union activities, conferences, workshops, speeches and educational material.

More specifically, it includes:
– 325 reels of different sizes (18”, 12”, 7”)
– 79 audio cassettes, 60’or 90’ in duration
– 88 DAT cassettes

The rescue and digitisation process has resulted in an invaluable and highly important musical archive since the 1980s, as the character, make-up of the orchestra and style of traditional Cretan music have changed dramatically since then. At the same time, the archive preserves important recordings of secular music in Greece performed by artists playing in front of a scant audience at university events in Rethymno, mainly consisting of students who contributed decisively to the creation of a stable art-loving audience in a small provincial town.


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